A few testimonials from our satisfied patients:

“In this life we all hope never to need a doctor. But if and when we do, we always pray that it will be one exactly like you. You are what a doctor should be, and probably several are, but many are not. You rely on a power much higher than you and He has blessed you with exceptional skills. My mom, my wife, and I, and my aunts unanimously hold you in the highest regard and esteem.”
Roger, Martha, and Virgie
“I fell hard two years ago breaking/crushing my left wrist. Subsequently, I had two surgeries by another surgeon, but one bone did not heal. This May I was fortunate to have Dr. Wilson perform the 3rd hand surgery. It is now healed and working, pain free.”
Jean P.
I am glad that you have chosen to start your own practice again. I am not enthralled with…. Thank you for being a doctor who enjoys it, has an actual interest in his patients, is kind, and listens. You have a gift – you make patients feel like you actually want to see them; it makes me feel welcome. I felt it ten years ago, and I felt it again today.
Nancy L.